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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Draafts send my notes to a remote server?

NO. We don't send any of the things that you type on Draafts app to remote servers. Things you type stays in your device unless you explicitly decide to create a share link and we don't have any plan to change this.

But we send some meta data like number of characters or number of words you type in Draafts to our servers.

Do you encrypt notes in Draafts?

No. We are not encrypting your notes while saving for now. But we have plans to do this later. Please submit a feature request to get this prioritized. Until then, your notes are safe as much as your device is passcode locked.

Any plans to support latest iOS features like widgets?

We have plan to support widget and other latest iOS features. Making these features blend with the minimalism principle is taking time.

How do I request new features?

We are currently planning to work on some set of features, but we still have a lot of work to do. If there's a feature you wanted to see in Draafts, we'd love to hear from you and get it prioritized.

Features can be requested via application: SettingsSuggest a feature
Your email is optional, but if you'd like us to have a talk with us add your information while submitting.

Found an issue?

We are working hard to crush all the issues we found. But, there can be issues we have still not experienced. Let us know here: SettingsReport an issue

We'll try our best to fix those in an upcoming release.

Anything other than this?

Shoot an email to the developer (draafts-ios@mlaz.im) for getting more information on the app.